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No matter how long you have been in business, whether it is a business working from home or a high street business, you should always demand continuous growth if at all possible, even when the results are not that great.

Even the most entrepreneurial home based businesses need a guide, to steer their way safely towards continuous, sustainable growth. Even when the economy is sluggish, you can still ensure that your working from home company achieves continuous growth.



Below are five essential rules to achieve sustained growth:

  1. Retain Your Existing Customer Base:  You must always keep the growth that you have already earned, by retaining your existing customer base. These are customers that you have spent time and money in coaxing to your home based business to purchase your product or service, and you must not give them any reason to go to your competitor. Ask for, and listen to, your customer’s comments and tailor your product or service to suit their requirements to keep you ahead of your competitors.                                                                                                  Use any reasons from customers defecting from your competitors, as to why they have defected, as a check to make sure that you do not suffer from these issues in your home based business. If you can proactively manage any customer defections, it will help you anticipate and pre-empt them. Emotions always affect people’s purchasing habits, and if a customer has an issue for whatever reason, if you can show that you are serious about resolving that issue, they normally stay with you, as people don’t generally like change unless really pushed.


  1. Gain Market Share at the Expense of Your Rivals: The easiest way to get customers to your home based business and to abandon their current supplier of product / service is to give them a very good reason to move. Minimizing any potential switching costs help but it can be difficult to pull customers away from your competitors. You must devote time and effort to get people to switch supplier. Offering higher value and higher quality products are crucial to this end.


  1. Exploit Market Position:  Study the industry constantly when working from home, to spot where the next area of growth is starting to occur. Keep a constant eye on buying criteria, product or service innovations and popular trends for the next area of growth. You need to be able to make the most of opportunities early, to make the most of the next opportunity before your competitors jump on the bandwagon.


  1. Invade Adjacent Markets: Markets adjacent to your current market are good to expand your business portfolio into, but you must carefully decide whether it offers significant long-term growth and profitability to your home based business. You must be able to at least match your competitor’s standard of quality and value, to ensure you can offer a better value quality service or product.


  1. Invest In New Lines of Business: Opening up a new line of business when working from home can be done successfully, but you must ensure that you never overpay for a new line. Review the up-front payments and profitability very carefully before committing. Do not opt for complex strategies, as simple strategies should be used with any new venture.


Not all successful working from home businesses requires all of the above rules, but it must contain more than one. Only a balanced growth portfolio can ensure a home based business continues to grow during the occasions that the market either plateau’s or shifts dramatically.


Good Luck to your continuing working from home business growth.

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