Use Rejection To Your Advantage When Working From Home

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In any working from home based business trying to sell a product it’s hard when we get the answer “no”.  There are ways that you can use this rejection or refusal as valuable feedback to your advantage; which can ultimately improve your sales in your home based business.   To re-use this refusal to create some good for your home based business, there are a number of possibilities:    It’s only their opinion – Whether it’s a “no” to a product, or to your whole selling philosophy, bear in mind that it is only their opinion, which differs from person-to-person. If they are telling you that your strategy will not work, they might be basing this on the fact that it hasn’t been done before, or they are just playing safe. Rather than treat it as gospel truth (“good” or “bad”), treat it more like extra information coming in to you, which you can use to make your next move smarter, or find a different approach. Use it to improve the offer from your working at home job. Don’t take a “no” to be a show-stopper, and undermine your confidence, as the answer you have received may not be right anyway. Use it to see if you can make your home based business offer, product or service better than it originally was.   Don’t get defensive – Always keep an objective view of people’s opinions, and if you are depressed or angry when you get rejected, don’t show it. Don’t try to force your opinion on the other party to prove that they are wrong as you will probably just alienate them. It’s more constructive to use the “no” to create a sense of urgency, to find a better way of presenting the offer, to make the person change their perspective and think positively about the offer.   Let history be your guide – If you are getting a bad response to a new idea, it may not be about the product but more about how it is presented. Perhaps the concept has not been expressed properly, or it has not been explained to people as to how much better their life will be with this product or service. Throughout history, new ideas have always been difficult to sell at first. This may be due to inventors/developers trying to produce them as fast as possible, and not explaining them well enough to the audience, or just customers being cautious about being the first to spend their hard earned money on a new product, without it being proved.   So, rather than taking rejection in a bad or negative way, which does you no good at all, see what you can learn from it, to improve your product or service and prove the original doubters wrong and help your home based business to grow!

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