Ten Ways To Get New Clients With A Home Based Business, Part 1

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In this two part series we outline Ten Ways to Get New Clients for your business. Part 1 looks at the first five ways and is concluded in Part 2.


The basics of getting new business usually get lost in all of the other things that seem vitally important at the time, but just make sure that you comply with the basics as a minimum and improve from there to ensure success.


Outlined below are Ten of the best ways to get more clients, to remind you how simple the basics really are.


  • Referrals:   Referrals from existing happy clients are the easiest and best way to get new clients, –  as these clients have been referred by a customer who is happy with your product or service, and no additional work or advertising is needed. Keep track of which customer referred them as new customers and rewarded them for referrals as they may refer even more people!


  • Know Your Product 100%:  When meeting people face-to-face you must know 100% what to say about your product or service, and say it with conviction and confidence. You need to fully understand your product / service, and know all of the answers to any question straight away. If your customer gets the impression that you do not know your product, they will have little confidence in buying from you. If you can’t be bothered to know your product 100%, why should they be bothered to spend their money on it?



  • Be Effective and Accurate: It doesn’t matter if it’s in person or by email, no one has time for a warm-up. You have to get to the point effectively and accurately to retain people’s attention before they lose interest. Prepare well thought out material or phrases, to get to the point rapidly and intelligently.


  •  Be Open About Your Mistakes:  No-one is perfect all of the time, and it can build credibility when you are honest with prospective new clients, and mention how you lost a previous client. If you can demonstrate that you have learnt from your mistakes, new clients will see this as a welcome change against the usual hot air they receive from sales people.


  • Offer a “Loss-Leader”:  To build a good client base, you cannot make a profit all of the time. New clients don’t like to make a large value purchase from someone they don’t trust, and it’s sometimes better to market a loss leader or an at-cost product, to gain the trust of your clients and make a profit on subsequent products.



The Ten Ways to Get New Clients for your business is concluded in Part 2.

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