Minimising The Risk Of Starting Your Own Working At Home Business

A simple computer can make you huge profits

Build your new business around your life

Taking the step of starting your own working at home business is not to be taken lightly without careful consideration.

The easiest item is deciding what the home based business will be, as presumably you will have an interest in this part anyway.


The difficult part is ‘How to…’


We all tend to get set in our ways and getting paid on a regular basis by your employer is one we get used to quite quickly. Having to turn your back on that comfortable condition can be a little scary because it’s outside your comfort zone, even if you are miserable or unhappy in your current job. There is a safer way of making the transition and it includes your current employer.

Your transition to a successful working at home business could be helped with the assistance of your present employer, providing there are no conflicts of interests. Providing your new dream home based business does not impact on your current business activity, it might be possible to negotiate that you reduce your current working hours gradually rather than stopping totally. This would at least give you the chance to develop your own working from home business whilst still having a percentage of regular money coming in.

It may not be as crazy as it sounds, as there may be a number of reasons why it may suit your employer to lose your time gradually rather than all at once which may benefit both parties.

Assuming that you are on good terms with your employer and it is fair to both sides, the chances are that he may not want to lose you. However if he knows that you will be going anyway, it may suit his company to let you go gradually.

With a gradual changeover, there is the option for you to train another person who will eventually take over your workload. It takes time and effort to train someone to carry out a job to the company’s procedures, etc and if it can be taught by a person currently doing the job, it’s easier for everyone.

Even if this is not an option it may be easier for your employer to gradually phase you out as it takes a long time to source and appoint new people for the job and in the meantime the job still needs to be done. A gradual changeover is normally better for any business to ensure the job is carried out continuously and any existing client has a good handover for the employers continuing business with them.

If you are not on good terms with your current employer or the company is merging, downsizing, etc, you could also use this to your advantage. To help both parties, and to avoid the unpleasantness and cost of firing you, you might be able to come to a mutually agreeable solution to a reduced number of hours for a set period. This may help both parties

Most employers may find it easier for them to set up a new reduced hour’s contract, rather than paying severance and benefits. With a reduced contract both sides are happy and the work will still be carried out to the same standard, rather than having disgruntled workers or workers who stop immediately which will affect the standards and workload production.

Obviously each individual’s job type and level will vary the amount of scope there is to come to some agreement with your current employer, but if you are serious about starting your own working at home business, make sure you stay on the right side of your current employer as it may turn out to be very productive for both parties.

If you are interested in starting your own home based business your current job could provide the security you need in your first few months or year of start-up.

What better way to get started on your dream?   Good luck!


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