Four Crucial Aspects That You Must Do To Build Your List, Part 2

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Four Crucial Aspects That You Must Do To Build Your List, Part 2

Continued from “Four Crucial Aspects That You Must Do To Build your List, Part 1”


2) Impressive Homepage

This is one of the most important aspects as first impressions count for everything!

People make up their minds on most things in the first 10-20 seconds and it’s pointless spending time and money on fantastic content if the page is never opened. Your site and product / service will be judged on your homepage and for that reason it must be very impressive. You will need well written articles and descriptions to capture your visitor’s interest and curiosity to stay at your site. Your site must be very impressive but simple and easy to use as most people visiting websites will be ordinary, non-techy people. Your site should be very impressive but not too flashy as people may think it’s too good to be true (even if it is!).

It’s a good idea not to make your homepage too large megabyte wise, as the majority of people only view on mobile devices or laptop, or have a slow broadband connection and if a website takes too long to load, they may get bored and cancel the connection. The faster your website gets loaded, the better. Go for a look that provides both simplicity and sophisticated professionalism.


3) Good service and products

It is essential to provide both good products and excellent service if you want to keep your existing customers. A returning customer means that they are happy with both your product and service and is more likely to bring in more business as word of mouth and recommendations alone can generate more business than an expensive ad.

As your clientele base grows, so does your list and any recommendations also increases the list and advise more people what products and services that you have to offer.


4) Lists

Always maintain a clean and private list. Ensure that you never lose the trust of the people that have joined your list as you will never get them back. If your marketing emails get spammed, people will unsubscribe very quickly as its easier for them than getting junk email (as they see it).

A good reputation will always drive in more traffic and subscribers as well as strengthening the loyalty of your existing customers. When customers are loyal and trust your products, there is more chance that they might try something different that they would not normally try from another non-trusted source and this can make other streams to widen your product or service portfolio.


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