Five Easy Steps To Staying Motivated When Working From Home, Part 1

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This two-part series of articles outlines how you can stay motivated in running a working from business.

One of the most important aspects of developing and maintaining a home based business is motivation.

Motivation should not have to be turned on and off as required, it should be there and used at all times, to ensure that you can get the most out of your home based company and your employees, and especially customers to get the most out of you and your company at all times.


It should extend to all aspects of your working at home business life, including mental attitude, ethics, appearance, atmosphere and your interaction with others.


Motivation experts can command large salaries to advise working at home business people on these issues, but following these five simple steps should do wonders:


Positive Attitude

Every-one of us is responsible for our own actions, and reactions with other people. I’m sure we’ve all felt being next to, or working with, a person who has an uplifting positive attitude; that their attitude seems to rub off on to you. Around 90% of what happens to us is how we re-act to it, and the more you can energise and stimulate the enthusiasm of other people, the better they will want to work with you, as your confidence fills them with confidence.


Separate Work from Home

Unfortunately we all have problems at some time with our everyday life activity, but these should not be mixed with your working from home business activities. Separate your home based business activities from your personal life. All of your energy and enthusiasm should be channelled into the business, and you should find that the separation of personal and business life actually gives you a mental break from your problems.


Creating Relevant Goals

Creating a set of goals can focus the mind on what needs to be achieved. It is best to list the goals with a time limit, to ensure the mind has a focus on what needs to be done by a certain point. Read it to yourself every day, to keep the mind concentrated on what the goals are. This action is the same for mundane things required around the house, e.g. phone someone to arrange something, as well as major home based business goals, as once this task is completed it can be wiped from the mind which can then concentrate on more important things.


The remaining steps in this series of staying motivated are continued in “Five Easy Steps To Staying Motivated When Working From Home, Part 2”

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