Eight Main Secrets to Success Part 1

493The Eight Main ‘Secrets to Success’, Part 1 


In this two part series we outline the key items to success. This article outlines the first four points and part two outlines the final four points.


In 1997 a number of top motivational gurus were interviewed, and a list of eight key ‘Secrets to Success’ were formulated. These secrets are as valid today as they were then and are as follows:


 1 Take complete responsibility for your own life and actions

In today’s society it seems that the norm is for people to blame everyone else for their own failure; – from their parents to government, or anyone else they can think of. Those people who choose not to buy into this mentality are the people that succeed in life. Blaming other people for your situation is saying that other people have control of your life, rather than you. Someone else’s opinion of you doesn’t have to become your reality.


2  Be Motivated in your Life

The main difference between people who are motivated or not is that the motivated people think that their life has a real purpose – they are here for a real reason and not just to drift along. Non-motivated people’s purpose is mainly to get through each week with the least problems possible, and only have a short term view of life. When you live your life with a purpose, your main concern is to do the job right as you know that this will benefit you in the long term. Any successful business-person must be motivated and always look at how the job can be improved to provide more value to their customers, and consequently provide more fulfillment to themselves as their business grows.


3 Be Prepared to Pay the Real Price of Being Successful

You have to be willing to pay the real cost, to realize your dreams. Wishing for a big house, luxury car, money in the bank, boat, holidays, etc, is all well and good but this is what everyone wants. Are you willing to pay the real cost to achieve these goals which require aspects like time, hard work, effort, perseverance, dedication, etc? One of the major differences between successful and unsuccessful people are these and other aspects which are needed all the time to achieve your goals.

4 Perseverance

For example, being an author, such as J K Rowling, is a profession where dedication and perseverance is essential to ensure that your work is known about by as many publishers as possible, as the one publisher that takes a gamble on the book could result in a very successful alliance for both parties.

We are all bombarded every day with an ever increasing magnitude of everyday tasks from phone calls, messages, chasing people up, etc, which all takes up our valuable time. Staying focused on your ultimate goals is essential as you need to invest time on a continuous basis by giving up something in the present, to ensure that it will pay-off further down the road.



The second article concludes this series and outlines the final four points of ‘Secrets to Success’.

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