Creating and Managing Your Personal Budget, Part 6

 Manage your budgets properlyCreating and Managing Your Personal Budget, Part 6               

Continued from “Creating and Managing Your Personal Budget, Part 5”


Easy Money-Saving Changes!

One of the easiest ways to save money is to change minor things in your everyday life in the way or type of products that you use. Minor changes will not be noticeable and will still save you money.

Look at everyday things that you use to see if you can use cheaper products or use the products longer. Things like shower gel, soap or washing up liquid – can you use a cheaper product without noticing the effect too much and can you use a smaller quantity each time which will make the product go further.

Scrape every ounce you can out of the product. Turn bottles upside down and drain the last product out, squeeze the toothpaste until it has all gone. You’ll be surprised at how much longer you can make products last by using every last ounce!

Never use more than YOU actually need. Even though the packet says “use a full cup”, you might not need to use a full cup depending on your taste, etc. See if you can reduce the amounts needed before you notice the difference. Manufacturer’s guidelines are just that ‘guidelines’, whereas your local water quality may not need as much detergent. They are also looking at selling you more of their product so they may defer to the more generous side of amounts required. Try it and see.

Look at whether your general household cleaning methods could be changed to reduce the requirement for using the amount of bought product or product altogether. Look for any articles or books which may give good alternatives for cleaning methods, etc. he cost of any books required should be offset in the long term by the savings in products required.

Although these are only small changes if they are carried out on a continual basis, the saving will all mount up with minimal impact to your everyday life.


This completes the series of “Creating and Managing Your Personal Budget”.


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