Can You Make A Living Working From Home? Part 1

Building your business at your pace in your time

Making a Living Working from Home


In this five part series the question “Can you make a living working from home?” is reviewed.



  Is it really possible to work from home?



Most people dream of being able to give up their day job and work from home but is it really possible for the average person to run a business from their own home that is more than a hobby or part time income?

 What does it take to enable you to take the plunge from your safe regular job and jump into the self-employed arena?

 With the ever improving internet and home computer systems and the ever-increasing expense of travelling to work, etc, there is no reason why anyone cannot make a decent living from working at home as long as they follow some basic rules.

 However there is a big difference between making money at home and making a decent living from working from home. It is too easy to end up making a smaller income at home than having a normal job, and use the reason of gaining your freedom as the reason for accepting the reduction in money.

 But there are ways to ensure that working from home is beneficial to both your freedom and can improve your way of life financially, as many people have successfully achieved.


1, Stop the home-office mentality NOW !


 To be successful working from home you need to take the best of both worlds and build your new business around it. There are some useful elements of office life that can be used very successfully when working from home but there is also a lot of stuff to ditch.

 Keep your goals high in your new endeavor and don’t believe for one minute that by working from home you have to offset your freedom with a reduction in financial terms. There is no reason why you cannot have BOTH if you focus on the ‘business’ element first and then the ‘home’ element.

 Working from home provides a great number of benefits by reducing travelling time (and cost), having more control over our schedules and our environment to suit our individual needs. We can use all of these advantages to reduce our stress, have more energy and work more productively. However there are more distractions at home and you must be more regimented in ensuring you put in the required effort to make your company successful.


This review is continued in “Can You Make A Living Working From Home? Part 2”


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