Best “FREE” Tool For Sales When Working From Home

Make big profits using the Internet

Make a successful business with the Internet

The best tool that each and every one of us has in our sales armoury for any working from home business is not a technology tool or the internet, but it’s how we express ourselves in WORDS.


Words, used correctly and cleverly, have more power in them than any other tool. They carry enormous power, and can generate feelings as varied from laughter and joy, to fear and loathing. They can make or break friendships and relationships forever.

Used effectively and properly, words have the capability to result in enormous sales when working from home of almost anything to anyone. They can result in satisfied customers eager to do more business with you and happy employees, and yet it is not uncommon for the vast majority of small home based businesses not to place much value on words, and not to use them to their best effect.

When the effectiveness of words is properly understood and used effectively, there are no limits to their use in achieving your goals in developing and improving your business when working from home.

A large part of using written media effectively for sales is to include the enthusiasm felt by the writer within the text, to generate reciprocal enthusiasm from the reader. This helps to join the writer to the reader together, in a common goal, and helps to push the reader in the direction that the seller wants to.

Engaging the reader in this enthusiasm when using the written form is as important, and sometimes more so,  than the personal element in face-to-face presentation, as all you have is words to convey the message, and get that response back from the reader to help generate a sale. This is extremly important for a home based business with only online sales pages to rely on.

It is for this reason that you have to develop enthusiasm within the words, to ensure that the written word can be effectively read by the reader. The best way to achieve this is to believe whole-heartedly in the product or service that you are trying to sell or get across.

Some people find the best way to achieve this is to think about the task in hand ahead of when they intend to write about it. To try and get their sub-conscious mind to work on the project ahead and just mull it over a few times, throwing ideas around in their head. Occasionally the “light-bulb” moment jumps out but even if this isn’t achieved you should at least get a few ideas to start to develop from.

If you need to get a written piece issued by a certain time or date it can sometimes do more harm than good, in that the completed piece can feel flat and mechanical without that sparkle of enthusiasm. Even if it is technically spot on, it might still seem a poor, mediocre document and discourage people from reading it right to the end which is no good for an online working from home business.

Only the small home based business owner has the most at stake in developing the business, and they should have the most enthusiasm in selling their service or product. Freelance copy writers may be technically very good at their job, but may lack the drive, enthusiasm and passion about the product, to convey the level of required enthusiasm over to the reader, to complete the sale.

So the next time you need to write an ad or article for your product or service, do not do it on a grumpy day, as this may well come over in the written words, and may actually do your home based business more harm than good, if it results in pushing customers away from your site. People always seem to remember the small amount of poor work rather than the large volumes of good work.

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